lunes, 21 de noviembre de 2011

Divine Spark - Anima Mundi CD

Más una grande sorpresa procedente del pequeño Luxemburgo en Europa. Divine spark és una excelente banda mesclando neocrust, screamo, epic & mid-tempo d-beat. Anima Mundi fue sacado en 2011 por diversos sellos y enviado a nosotrxs por el baterista Yves [very thanx bro, really, we loved it!]. Abajo unas pocas palabras escritas por la propria banda:
"Divine Spark has been founded in September 2007 from the ashes of several bands such as Defeat, Insumisioa and Prison of Liberty and consists of 5 band members.

In June 2009, the band released their first Demo CD and toured through the Netherlands and Belgium.

After a short break, Divine Spark released in July 2011 their album CD ‘Anima Mundi’ which is promoted through Riotskarecords (UK) and also available through several Distros such as Svoboda Records (FR), Zombie Attack Records (SWE), Prejudice me Records (UK) and Infested Records (USA).
Melancholic, clean intros followed by a fast and angry D-Beat, and lastly doleful outros to end, become the main style of the band.

Since today the band has played more less 50 shows in Luxemburg, Belgium, Netherlands and United Kingdom and played with a lot of amazing bands like Oi Polloi, Aggrotoxico, Alpinist, Easpa Measa, Fleas and Lice,Derrota,Finisterre...."



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