jueves, 29 de diciembre de 2011

Misa Histerica - La Teoria del Kaos - Split Tape [12]

Nuevo compartido de la Misa Histerica, banda de nuestro compa luis . junto a Misa está la teoria de kaos, y los grupos son provenientes de $hile.
En ese momento presentamos a usteds la parte de M.H:
Contiene 5 ruidos... one man band, como saben vosotros, lleno de rabia, dando su mejor a través del d-beat crust punk rabioso .. listo pa quitarte las pulgas
Pronto Misa Histerica estará en gira por toda sudamerica!! por lo tanto Mochila records tambien! asi q van a aver copias disponibles en los recitales !!!


Nuclear Death Terror - Ceaseless Desolation EP

EP lançado em 2008 com 4 sons fodões: crusteragem from hell, que nos brinda ainda com um cover do celtic frost, na minha opinião um dos melhores plays da banda. Nuclear Death Terror agora segue ativo tocando com o batera do pisschrist...


lunes, 26 de diciembre de 2011

epifania grind sludge metal punx

epifania grind sludge metal punx
great gig in cremona - italy
to start 2012 with their ears full of callus

viernes, 23 de diciembre de 2011

Gottesmorder - Gottesmorder EP

Gottesmorder és una excelente banda procedente de la ciudad de Pisa, en Italia. El grupo existe desde 2009, y aqui vos dejo su primero trabajo solo, el ep homonimo gottesmorder, sacado en vinilo 12" en septiembre - 2011 por absurd creature records, de rusia. en su alineacion hay gente oriunda de la movida screamo y bandas como Violentbreakfast, Chambers, etc...
El sonido és post-black metal, paseando por el atmosferico blackened, bordeando al crust punk y la música ambiente...  bien, la verdad que los Gottesmorder me encantarón desde la primera vez que los oí. Hay momentos en que si puede recordar facilmente de bandas muy conocidas tambien: desde los Vestiges a la infame Panopticon!! Muy recomendado!!
DL it! BUY it!

declinio social - gira sudamericana 2012

declinio social, banda punk libertária de la ciudad de divinópolis, en minas gerais - brazil, saca su cd "gira sudamericana 2012" ke consta de 16 ruídos diretos, anárquicos, anti-gobierno y autoridad por ocasión de su gira en enero y febrero de 2012 en argentina, chile, peru y bolívia.
el petardo cuenta con el apoyo de muchos grupos y coletivos como coletivo pulso y crust or die...
luego más infos sobre las ciudades y las tocadas!!!

miércoles, 21 de diciembre de 2011

Solidaridad con lxs punks presos en indonesia Buenos aires

punk fest

23-12 | PUNK FEST - aquecimento para malhar o papai noel.

Local: ÁGUIA BAR, Itapuã - V. Velha
(final da orla de itapuã e ao lado do pastelonçã)
Horário: 21:00 hs
Ingressos: R$ 1.99 + 1 Brinquedo.
Classificação: LIVRE
Informações: 8116-3325 (vivo) - Paulo Carvalho

martes, 20 de diciembre de 2011

Bhopal - Age of Darkness

Después de su debut album (demo) where morality fails ser muy bien recibido por todos, los italianos de Bhopal regresan con un nuevo trabajo más dark y metalero llamado age of darkness. sacado en 2010 por shove records, iconoclast records y undiseessed records, el albun consta de 10 petardos muy bien producidos, sin duda un blackened death crust de muchisima cualidad.

viernes, 16 de diciembre de 2011

awesome crustmetal gig

with the bands:




FREE SHOW with canned food donation
Empty Bottle
1035 N. Western
8:30 - December - 19 - 2011

martes, 13 de diciembre de 2011

asilo & fracción george best - split

asilo is a sludge crust three-piece band from buenos aires, argentina. their members (nacho dp: drums / manuel: vox - bass - analogue devices / sebaxxxtian: bass / vox) played and still play in underground bands from the underground metal scene, like voightkampff, gran cuervo, milica, etc. we've released our first split with tzara (post hardcore, with manuel playing bass), including a live song from our very first show live in april 2011. Nowadays we are releasing this second split with fraccion george best, from chile, with two songs each band... this split cd will be releasing in chile and ecuador too.

In 2012, we are eager to play live and record our new songs and trying to be edited in usa or europe.

you can listen asilo


their releases are available in

descarga o muere

lunes, 12 de diciembre de 2011

Panopticon - Social Disservices [11]

RABM in the vein!!!
review by cvlt nation:
"Panopticon’s A.Lundr (Austin Lunn – also of doom merchants Seidr) is a man with much to say. Each release from this band has a message and each has it’s own individual tone and feel whilst being unmistakably, a Panopticon record. In the past the band has commented on the struggles on dealing with one’s own mortality, with the collapse of government and on Social Disservices the subject matter is as relevant and hard hitting as ever.

Social Disservices is a raw record. Vocals are harsh and the production is just the right side of coarse, adding to the images conjured by this story. You can hear the sense of struggle, of not having your voice heard in the environments suggested. You can hear the dedication A.Lundr has for this cause and the people affected. This is a man who cares, a man with a background in activism, in social anarchy and from whom a lot can be learnt. I stumbled across Panopticon via a friend suggesting I give the band a listen and I picked up Collapse and the self titled record. I love music and I love music with a message and this gave the best of both worlds. Mixing an abundance of styles – bluegrass, crust punk, post-rock and the ever present black metal tone – with the RABM (Red & Anarchist Black Metal) ideology was a whole new world to me. Not least the RABM movement about which I knew nothing (check out that link above for a better overview of what it is about).

Beginning with “Resident,” the album immediately sets out it’s course. The track starts off with a sample of children laughing, giggling and sounding quite happy. Then, with what wounds like a click of the fingers, we descend into a world of terror. This is heavy. This is anger. This is Panopticon. The sound on this album is incredible (mastered by Colin Marston of Krallice), giving each element room to breathe. The pounding drums, the gorgoeous flashes of post-rock guitar. The vocals are kept low – as usual with this one-man band – yet this only adds to the absolute alarm felt. You’re never quite sure about what’s going on, and it all comes back to the ideas behind the record.

Social Disservices is the first of two records to be released in quick succession on one of the most exciting labels out there at the moment, Flenser Records. Dealing with the Social Services system and ultimately, it’s failings, this album is one with a strong concept and one that shouldn’t be ignored or swept under the carpet- much like the subject matter. Artists such as A.Lundr have a voice that needs heeding, it’s from people at the ground level that change can be affected. Look at the “Occupy Wall Street” movement, a collective with a passion for what they believe in and a passion that’s spreading to other major cities and to other countries. It’s incredible to see history being made. And whilst this album isn’t a diatribe on the economy, it is an album concerned with the effects of a corruption riddled system on today’s youth. A.Lundr is well placed to speak of these effects having worked within the system himself. The physical release features a lot of information regarding his experiences and the reasons behind making this particular piece. You’d be doing yourself a disservice by not seeking it out.

“Client” begins in the complete opposite manner to the previous track. This time utilising a sample of crying children, plainly scared and terrified. It’s genuinely unsettling and I can’t even imagine where this sound has come from. This shocking introduction is countered by beautiful guitar work in the initial stages of the song, and it’s this uneasy harmony that really sets the album apart from other Panopticon works. Whereas other records might have focused on one element of the Panopticon sound, Social Disservices is really an all encompassing album. Bringing together the styles heard on recent output On The Subject Of Mortality (released as two halves across two splits) and also this years split with Seidr band colleague Crow’s Wheels Within Wheels act, it’s an album of huge scope.

The opening minutes of “Subject” are almost industrial in nature, a driving beat underpinning the screams of A.Lundr quite majestically. The heavy as heavy can be bass ripples through until around four minutes when the style changes altogether. It’s jarring and the post-rock beauty shines through. It’s a heartbreaking spin on the songs axis, and full of pure emotion. A few minutes later, the vocal really comes to the fore. It’s so stark compared to other moments in the song and on the record, so full of truth that you cannot help but to fully immerse yourself in this world. You listen, and you listen hard. When the closing refrains feature footsteps down a corridor and jangling of keys to unlock a door fade, you may find deep and palpable pain in your heart.

Continuing this assault on the senses, “Patient” closes the album. A twenty minute grief-strewn, violin laden piece, it takes you to a place of pain and distrust. This track pulls in all directions – super harsh vocals, exceptional blasting drumwork, sublime bass driven moments – it’s certainly a stand-out track on an astounding piece of work. The final moments are full of divine bass lines and overwhelmingly ethereal lead guitar work. Shimmering and delicate, leading into the sounds of what appears to be nighttime and ultimately loneliness."


The Makai - Embracing The Shroud Of A Blackened Sky

"I’ll get right to it, after one full-length (2007′s The End of All You Know) and a couple of splits, California’s The Makai have somehow rendered one of the most brilliant pieces of music I’ve heard with Embracing the Shroud of a Blackened Sky. Now I know most regular readers of this site know that I tend to get a little overexcited about releases, often gushing over them initially and then returning to a more sane state once the dust has settled. Kinda like when you are actually getting a blowjob… it’s always the best one ever! Right?!
However, it’s with some degree of conviction that I state that the one, 27-minute song contained on this vinyl only release―though rumors of a future CD-release linger in the air―is some of the most breathtaking music I’ve ever heard. At least within the realms of the genre ― that genre being a sort of blackened thrash/crust/screamo/metalcore hybrid, and even post-rock that could be lumped, under a vast umbrella that covers acts Withered, Uphill Battle and even Elder, Hiretsukan and Shai Hulud.
The strength of this song is its busy and epic, melodic tremolo picked riffage that’s more black metal than anything. There’s some truly searing but still harmonic blasts on this number that are simply mind-blowing. For instance at 1:35, 7:16, 9:54 and especially the awesome, climactic moment at 20:00: The rumbling/rolling percussion backs some searing, draining blasting that had my knees wilting. Throw in some more urgent but jangly melodies and some tense and somber moments, seething screams/roars and some atmospheric/ ambient/post-rock, bridges that signal the vinyl flipping and LP ending moments. And with the band being tighter and better produced (though still very brittle and organic) than on the debut CD, the whole thing comes together with stunning results. For you collectors out there, this LP-version comes with a giant poster of the cover art, as well as a gorgeous little lyric pamphlet.
It’s a pity this brilliant piece of music is only available to those with a record player ― even if all real metalheads have one, right? None the less, I hope the CD rumors come to fruition, so more folks can hear this shining gem! Perhaps they’ll include a 15-minute track called “Koschei” as well as the tracks from the band’s two split-releases. If and when that happens, it means I get to listen to “Embracing the Shroud of a Blackened Sky” another 274 times!"
review by teeth of divine


Iskra & Doom Siren - Split LP [11]

Siento tanto placer escuchando ese disco que no hay como escribir una buena reseña hoy, por eso dejo abajo unas pocas palabras de threat to existence records:
"T.T.E. is very excited to finally release this brutal slab of wax that has been in the works for quite a few months now. For those of you who have not had the privilage of seeing or hearing about both these awsome bands, here is a little info.

From Austin Texas, we have DOOM SIREN who storm into 4 brutal new trax of heavy & savage metallic crust.Reminds me a lot of BOLT THROWER Gutteral vocals vomiting hatred for capitalism and war. This being there third and best release yet, these guys are definatly one of my favorite active bands going right now in the states.

On the Flip side of the record hailing from Victoria BC, ISKRA never fail to impress yet again tearing through 4 new tracks of their trademark blackened crust, Including a cover of Marduk's "Levelling Dust".After releasing 2 full length LP's, a split LP with AGAINST EMPIRE, split 7" with SELF RULE, there own 7" and various comps and demo cassettes, they are still in full effect and hiting harder then ever, Fuck they are truely one of the most unique and greatest band of our time. Absolutely essential for anybody even remotely interested in crust or black metal!"
iskra website // doom siren website

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martes, 6 de diciembre de 2011

"à porta, a guerra civil" - tour nordeste-norte 2012, whipstriker farscape

CRUST OR DIE apresenta
1ª gig de 2012:
"à porta, a guerra civil" - tour nordeste-norte 2012


05 de janeiro
18h00 - 22h00
R$ 6,00
Denis Bar - Simões Filho / BAHIA


sayen not dead

sabado - 17 deciembre 2011
Isla Tortuga, Nataniel #1261

La belleza de las flores muertas
Traidor a mi especie
Hoy es el día

Habrá comida – jugos- riffa con excelentes premios

Tocata Solidaria Pro-Fondos para el Nacimiento de una nueva compañerita, Por que la solidaridad es un arma, es necesario hacernos de ella desde que comenzamos a vivir y apenas llegamos a este asqueroso mundo.
Asista Apoye y Difunda!!!

minha utopia... seu desespero!! - 3 anos de rancor

Crust or die apresenta
*exista// resista

"as atividades serão inciadas com um bate papo buscando a aproximação de todxs os presentes, seguido de discussões sobre a crise econômica mundial e as insurreições populares [nada muito aprofundado em função da extensão do tema e do tempo disponível]; estaremos aproveitando para lançar a 2ª edição do zine agnósia, a 1ª do zine escombros, além de outras possíveis agradáveis surpresas; teremos as tradicionais banquinhas montadas vendendo rango vegano, mais material libertário... NÃO PERCAM"

10 de dezembro - 15h00 - R$ 6,00

info!! mais info!!!

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discord & counter action - split 2011

new awesome split of two bands: CounterAction - (A)-punk band with noise grind-punk, from Kiev -  Ukraine, & Discord - d-beat/punk band from St-Petersburg, Russia!
credits to eugenio crashercrustie! ^^

agamenon project & expurgado - split 2011

nuevo split cd-r entre as bandas agamenon project (one man band) de brasilia, brazil, y expurgado  de salvador, bahia, brazil. sacado a través de una parceria entre crust or die & who cares records en 2011, el compartido consta de 14 petardos brutales. agamenon project presenta 7 ruidos malignos ke mesclan grind punk-blackened crust y black metal (un cover de los darkthrone), y los expurgado con sus 15 años de banda destruyen todo con su grind-death-crust de ideas anarquistas lleno de poesia y filosofia!
para los ke tienen interés / if you are interested / interessadxs:

breve disponible para download!!