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Lethe - When Dreams Become Nightmares (2014)

Algo diferente:
Lethe is a metal/triphop/electronic/pop/experimental (?) project featuring Tor-Helge Skei (MANES) and Anna Murphy (ELUVEITIE), plus close collaborator Eivind Fjøseide, as well as a long list of external contributors.. The band was started in the end of 2012, as a 'home' for Anna and Tor-Helge's musical and artistic experiments, and right from the beginning, the main rule has been that there are no rules, no expectations, no compromises.. The band has been categorized as a lot of things, genre-bending, style-bastardization, ecclectic, and even just weird, but even if experimentalism and fuck-all-rules is an important factor, the band is not afraid to incorporate melody and catchiness into the music. Lethe is something unique, something personal and quite 'different'... Lyrically and conceptually, Lethe is like a journey through the 'back alleys of the human mind/psyche', through dreams and nightmares, paranoia, mental breakdown, inner darkness.. No religion, fantasy, or pretend play.. Real life, real experiences, real horror.. (infos retiradas da página da banda)
Released by Debemur Morti Productions, 2014.

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