miércoles, 7 de marzo de 2012

marnost & seeds in barren fields - split 12''

Fucking, no doubt, two of the best bands in the actual Anarchist Black Metal scene...
marnost, anarchopunx from czech republic and seeds in barren fields, green - anarchist group from gothenburg, in sweden. Marnost present us one song (about 13 min): noise, experimental black metal recorded in a rehearsal room, Seeds In Barren Fields present us 1 song too, awesome mix of crust / death & black metal with special guests of Austin Lunn of Panopticon (backing vocals) and Jonas Ivarsson (organs).
Both bands shared your vision about something: theres no space to fascism in the metal / punk scene... up the freedom: fuck NSBM!
If you liked it and if u can... Buy it, support the bands, support the labels... support ur scene!!!

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